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cnet : How would you change Google’s Pixel phones?

​How Google’s Pixel phone builds a better photo Photo by Stephen Shankland/CNETThe new Google Pixel phone has a super camera, with snappy performance and image quality that beats Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus overall.So how did Google do it?A lot of the success comes from a technology Google calls HDR+ that …

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intoday : Tech Toyz: First look of Google Pixel

Apple’s new MacBook Pro compatible with Google Pixel but not iPhone 7 : News, News Apple is surely going to some strange waters nowadays.On Thursday it announced the new MacBook Pro laptops.The 3 new MacBooks are quite amazing as far as the design and feature sets are concerned. read more …

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express : 5 Google Pixel launcher tips

How to get one of the best Google Pixel features on ANY Android phone EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS Bring the best Google Pixel feature to any Android phone using this appThe Google Pixel has won widepsread plaudits for its incredibly powerful hardware.Featuring the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor alongside huge storage, the device …

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