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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 3DMark

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 протестировали в бенчмарках 3DMark

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 3DMark
The’ NVIDIA GeForce 1080′ dialogue with JayzTwoCents
Nvidia shows 1070 and GTX 1080, equally quicker than X

nvidia geforce gtx 1080 3dmark

nvidia geforce gtx 1080 протестировали в бенчмарках 3dmark

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the’ nvidia geforce 1080′ dialogue with jayztwocents

the 'ultimate nvidia geforce gtx 1080' discussion with jayztwocents

throughout the current nvidia publisher’s evening, we were launched towards the fresh geforce gtx 1080 video-card, but following the occasion (that was under nda) i lay along with a few of the largest technology youtuberis to speak about the brand new gtx 1080.in the movie above, jayztwocents utilized lenny from linus technology guidelines’ movie as lenny reduce it right down to a couple of minutes of our discussion.this talk between us (that was shot at like 3am) was over an hour or so long, and thus lots of people requested for that complete dialogue and below it is.it was a wonderful factor to sit down with one of these amazing men, therefore browse the dialogue between us – the movie moves for 31 moments, therefore move obtain a beverage along with a treat!

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nvidia shows 1070 and gtx 1080, equally quicker than x

nvidia reveals geforce gtx 1080 and gtx 1070, both faster than titan x

nvidia has introduced its fresh geforce gtx 1080 and gtx 1070 cards on the basis of the firms new pascal architecture.nvidia shows geforce gtx 1080 and gtx 1070, equally quicker than titan xafter going swimming rumorville for some time, the 1000 sequence are quicker and 3 times more energy-efficient than both geforce gtx 980 ti and geforce gtx titan x.according to nvidia, the geforce gtx 1080s unprecedented performance allows computer customers the hp to play the most recent activities with options maxed out. whether used a check or in digital reality.the gtx 1080 includes a 16nm finfet processor with 8gb of gddr5x memory and because of the high-bandwidth storage, the organization guarantees the card wont be bottlenecked by memory-associated procedures within the many challenging games. it’s additionally encased with a redesigned steam step, enthusiast, along with a backplate to dissipate heat in the back of the card.

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